Data Fabric Components

What Is The Data Fabric?

Tervela’s Data Fabric is a lightning-fast, no-loss data network that overlays on top of your existing datacenters and cloud-based services to transport data around the world.

Unlike traditional methods for moving data across large distances that rely on data replication, software development kits, and other middleware implementations, Tervela’s platform provides:

  • Unparalleled, no-loss fault-tolerance to ensure the integrity of global data
  • Low-latency transport that delivers information as fast as possible
  • Built-in services that offload complexity and accelerate application deployment

Data Fabric Appliances

Apps plug into the data fabric through APIs that communicate directly with the appliance layer, where the intelligence built into the fabric takes care of everything else. The data fabric stack consists of the following components:

Message Switch

The TMX-500 Message Switch is the primary gateway appliance that applications use to communicate across the message fabric. Read more

Persistence Engine

The TPE-500 is a storage engine that is embedded in the data fabric and optimized for message persistence and retrieval. Read more

Provisioning & Management

The Tervela TPM-500 Provisioning & Management System is the unified, comprehensive administrative platform for Tervela's Data Fabric. Read more

Client API

The Tervela Client API is the interface to Tervela's Data Fabric and the vehicle by which your applications sends data to and receives data from other applications on the fabric. Read more