High Perfomance Messaging for Payment Processing

Vast Quantities of Data; Many Systems

Payment processing companies are facing surging volumes, growing regulatory requirements, and increasingly sophisticated forms of cybercrime and fraud.

To thrive, they need to exchange vast quantities of data across a web of operational and surveillance systems: merchant banks, issuing banks, card associations, authorization and verification systems, auditing systems, and risk management systems.

Unfortunately, traditional middleware technologies are too slow, and too inflexible, to keep up with the growth and change experienced in the payment processing industry today.

Tervela: Making the Connections

With Tervela's Data Fabric, payment processing firms can move millions of pieces of data across multiple operational, risk management and compliance systems, swiftly and reliably.

Tervela's technology replaces legacy middleware solutions with an appliance-based, ultra-reliable network. Data can be moved quickly, and predictably, even as the amount of information transmitted increases exponentially. Because the technology is optimized for multi-cast and publish-subscribe information distribution, it is extremely efficient for environments where the details of one transaction must be shared with multiple systems.

Detailed audit trails help compliance teams address PCI DSS and other industry standards.

And Tervela can help payment processing firms get the most out of their technical staffs. Far less administration is required than with traditional middleware products, and security, data integrity and quality of service features come “out of the box” so they don’t need to be coded into every new application.