Cloud-orchestrated data movement service for migrating and syncing digital content between on-premises and cloud based infrastructure



Why is migrating and syncing content to and from the cloud so difficult and time consuming? File naming conventions, complex directory structures, user and file permissions, incompatible APIs, network congestion, bandwidth limits, and firewalls, – all conspire to frustrate users, delay projects and introduce risk to your cloud initiatives. Tervela’s Cloud FastPath is the market-leading file migration, sync and back-up solution featuring a simple point-and-click web service that seemlessly connects dozens of popular file and data storage platforms to fully automate all of your migration, sync and backup jobs.

  • Moving lots of files and data from one or more platforms? Cloud FastPath provides a single pane of glass to centrally manage all of your data movement jobs to and from all types of sytems and platforms.
  • Is it easy to get started? Sign up for a Cloud FastPath trial, download a lightweight software agent, and see how easily Cloud FastPath connects on-premises and cloud-based systems.
  • Need help figuring out what to move? Cloud FastPath’s new simulation feature delivers a unique and powerful tool to analyze, filter, and preview job runs before executing a transfer.
  • Worried about user and file access rights? Don’t be. Cloud FastPath’s automated user and permission mapping capabilites reduce cutover time and costly errors in moving from one system to another. Keeps track of what you’ve done for future use and audit purposes.
  • How do I know what’s been migrated? Powerful logging and reporting track each file and directory, delivering unparlleled data governance and control and creating a system of record for audit and compliance purposes.
  • Moving your content over long distances? Tervela’s proprietary WAN optimization protocol streams data at 2-50 times faster than alternatives. Benchmark us and you’ll be blown away!

A Fully Automated Data Movement Service

How does it work? Cloud FastPath compresses and encrypts data at the source and then the Cloud Service orchestrates data transfer over secure point-to-point gateways we call POPs.

Security and Reliability

Worried about data integrity and securtiy? Cloud FastPath encrypts all data in motion, never stores your content, and streams it all point to point, ensuring your data flies and lands safely.

Stability and Scalability

How does the system deal with failure? The service is fault-tolerant and highly available. Data movement jobs automatically manage network interruptions, API service limits and failures, and file transmission errors of all varieties, ensuring smooth job runs on millions of files and pedabytes of data.

Adoption Starts with Simple

Is it easy to use? Once you’ve registrered, you can have your first job configured and running in less than 10 minutes. Cloud Fast Path’s user interface is simple and slick.

Designed for End-Users, Loved by IT

Who can use Cloud FastPath? Cloud FastPath customers include small business operators, enterprise IT departments, and service providers building migration service offerings; a single platform offering layered features and pricing to suit each need

Integration is the Name of the Game

What platforms and services do you support? Cloud FastPath supports a wide variety of on-premises and cloud platforms. Our integration SDK makes it fast and easy to add new ones. Get started with Cloud FastPath today!